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Garden Grove Tree Service

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    Tree Service in Garden Grove

    Garden Grove Tree Service is a complete tree care provider offering all tree care services like tree trimming, tree removal, tree pruning, stump removal, and stump grinding, storm damage clearing, lot clearing, tree bracing, emergency tree services, and more.  Garden Grove and neighboring city residents and business owners need to have a dependable tree service provider that they can rely on for trusted tree care that guarantees quality, reliability, and value.  We will meet with you onsite to speak about your tree care needs. Our team gives friendly assistance and offers a number of tree care service options depending on your budget and needs.  As a company with a long record of satisfied residential and commercial customers who’ve chosen us to resolve their tree care needs, we’re experienced, insured, helpful, and extremely value-oriented. We'll provide you with a cost estimate and explanation of the services that best suit your tree service needs and personal expectations so there will be no surprises. We strive to maintain our competitive pricing so that you’ll receive exceptional value for the services provided.   We serve all Garden Grove and surrounding area residents and business owners for their arborist needs.

    Average tree removal costs can vary from $150 to $5000, depending on the size, diameter, location, access, branch density, and other factors.  Tree care service providers set their own rates, but market forces, experience, the tree service company’s arsenal of tools and equipment, and company skills impact those rates as well.  As a customer, the tree service company’s reputation and knowledge are important things that should also be considered when selecting who to work with.  Garden Grove Tree Service is experienced in trimming and removing all kinds of trees including palm trees.  Besides tree removal, Garden Grove Tree Service is also an expert in dealing with the remaining tree stump that will often turn into a big tripping hazard.  Whether we remove the tree stump or grind it down substantially below ground level, we’ll always work with you on the best method to accomplish your end goal.  Stump grinding fees can range from $100 to $1,000 or more on very large ones. The costs depend mostly on the size of the stump, access to it, and the company providing the service.

    Proper tree care can be complicated if you’re not an experienced professional with all the necessary knowledge of tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, and more.  Most of us do a fairly respectable job of maintaining the trees on our property like watering and fertilizing, but there are other issues that may arise which can be beyond the scope of the average homeowner to deal with. As trees age and grow thicker and higher, they occasionally grow into dangerous or inconvenient areas like power lines, roadways or carports, or walking paths.  Furthermore, some varieties are sensitive to pruning and trimming than others and some select species are more at risk of disease or other situations that have an effect on their appearance, health, and safety.  When you have issues regarding your trees, your best option is to consult with an expert who can quickly assess the situation and offer you useful solutions.  Make Garden Grove Tree Service your call to get the answers you need to deal with your tree issues.  We’re extremely helpful and genuinely want to resolve your problems.

    Tree Removal

    Tree removal of even an average-sized tree is a challenging job that gets exponentially more difficult as the tree size increases.  The massive mass and density of tree branches and tree trunks being felled can kill humans and animals and will even break concrete driveways and sidewalks.  Those forces need to be considered, measured and handled in a thoughtful and calculating way so that injury and damage don’t occur.   Garden Grove Tree Service’s number one concern is safety - the safety of our workers and the safety of the client and the safety of the client’s property.  No tree removal will be undertaken in a “shortcut” way that compromises safety.

    Even trying to remove a small tree will entail hours of backbreaking work to do a proper job.  And if you don’t properly deal with the remaining stump, the tree can sometimes grow back.  Knowledge of which types of trees are susceptible to regrowth can go a long way to knowing how to remove the tree in its entirety.  Calling in a tree expert who can take care of your tree removal concerns is your first step in dealing with the tree or trees you need to have removed.

    If you need help with your trees, contact Garden Grove Tree Service. We've been in the tree service industry for a number of years, managing almost every sort of tree care issue imaginable.

    Tree trimmer with red safety helmet high up in tree in Anaheim near Garden Grove

    Tree Trimming

    Almost all property owners require some basic tree care services over time.  Trees become unwieldy, the branches grow onto the roof, impede drive or walk areas, or their canopy becomes so thick that it blocks all sunlight to the grass and vegetation below.  In those instances, tree trimming becomes necessary.  Whether you’re a residential or commercial property owner, you also want your property to look its best. Keeping your trees trimmed and in good condition only helps that endeavor.

    Photo of palm tree trimmer in tree in Garden Grove, CA.

    There are a lot of reasons to keep your trees trimmed.  Properly trimmed trees encourage stronger growth, fortifies the roots, increases fruit and flower production, reduces the possibility for wind damage, removes damaged and/or weakened branches and limbs, lessens the incidents of disease, and provides for a more aesthetic look.  It's simply the smart thing to keep your trees properly trimmed.  You can also trim trees of dead and wayward branches at any time during the year but if your goal is to reduce the height or volume of a tree, you should do that in the winter when the tree is completely dormant (if the weather is cold) or to wait until the spring when the tree is undergoing growth.  

    Voluminous trimming done in the fall is a bad idea for trees that lose their leaves as the energy from photosynthesis is light and the strain for the tree to heal from all the cuts might be too much.  To increase or improve tree fruit or flower production, trimming some of the smaller branches will allow more sunlight to get to all parts of the tree which will improve blossoming and fruit production.  Trimming long branches also relieves stress from fruit growing on the far ends of the branches and applying too much weight.  In those instances, the goal is to make the branches shorter and thereby sturdier so they can handle the weight.   Also, many annual tree species won’t exhibit any negative effects from even an aggressive trim.  For those types of trees that do respond to the removal of branches, trimming should be done in the offseason right before the spring bloom.

    Stump Grinding vs Stump Removal

    So you’ve decided to get rid of a tree or trees on your property and now you’re wondering what to do about the remaining stump.  You have two options, stump grinding or stump removal.  They both have their suggested applications, and one call to Garden Grove Tree Service at 714-364-0787 will connect you with someone who can help you decide which option is best for you.

    Stump Grinding

    Garden Grove Tree Service performing stump grinding in Garden Grove California.

    For the most part, if you’re not going to be building on the spot where the tree was, OR, you’re not going to plant another tree in the same location, you should probably opt for stump grinding.  Stump grinding uses a heavy mechanized piece of equipment that literally grinds down the wood of the tree stump into mulch.  It’s a good idea to grind it down about 6” below the finished grade so that you won’t encounter a tripping hazard and so that the soil under your grass or top cover will be able to get enough nutrients and hold enough moisture.  Grinding is less expensive than removal and is faster and easier.  One concern is that the remaining wood shavings and sawdust from grinding can attract termites, so if your tree was close to a building structure, you might also consider exporting the wood shavings and bringing in some dirt to fill the void of the ground stump.  

    One detriment to stump grinding is that you won’t have good success replacing that tree with another one for years.  Because you’ve only eliminated the last 6” below grade of the stump, the remaining part of the stump and all its old root system is still in the ground.  Those parts of the old tree are too much competition for the root system of the new tree you’d like to grow in that spot.  If you’re going to grind a stump down, you’ll need to find a new place for your new sapling.  Over time (4-6 years) the old stump and remaining root system will biodegrade to the point where a new sapling can be planted.  

    Stump Removal

    Backhoe with grapple bucket lifting large entire tree stump with roots for disposal.

    Stump removal entails removing the entire existing stump and severing the nearby root branches.  If you imagine a tree inverted in the ground, that’s what the root system is like. Stump removal requires heavy equipment, adjacent access to the stump for bigger heavy equipment, digging, manpower, and often cutting all those connected root branches.  It's often a tedious process with a lot of time spent gaining access to the buried root branches and cutting them so that the backhoe or excavator can dislodge the remaining stump and pull it out.  The usually heavy stump then must be discarded.  After the stump is removed, you’ll also be left with a big hole that will require filling.  That means importing fill dirt if none is available.  Garden Grove Tree Service will handle that as well if you like.  Because of the increased labor and equipment demands, trucking, and disposal fees, stump removal is a more costly service.  Complete stump removal is usually done when clearing a lot for construction purposes.  For most other reasons, stump grinding is preferred.

    Storm Damage Cleanup

    Removal of fallen trees from storm damage cleanup undertaken by Garden Grove Tree Service in Garden Grove, CA.

    Did a big storm just come through and do a bunch of damage?  Maybe it ripped huge branches off your trees and deposited them all over your property?  Or possibly dropped massive tree sections in your driveway that are preventing you from getting to or from your house?  Oftentimes during the heavy rainy season, the soil gets so saturated with water that the tree’s root system can’t effectively support the tree and powerful winds will knock an entire tree down.  It happens.  A lot.  If this happens to you, call Garden Grove Tree Service.  We have an emergency response team that will safely clean up your mess so that you can get back to normalcy.  We’ll show up with multiple men, equipment, and disposal trucks to remove those fallen trees quickly. Our team is experienced in removing the branches and fallen sections without doing any further damage to structures or vehicles.  We’ll also make an assessment of the other trees on the property to make sure that they’re either safe for the storm season or have their deadwood trimmed back to reduce risk.

    Lot Clearing

    Lot clearing of multiple trees and their roots prior to construction by Garden Grove Tree Service.

    When clearing a lot of numerous trees, extremely heavy equipment can be used and all of the trees are just bokeh up and decimated by huge excavators.  The tree fragments as well as their trunks and root systems are then hauled away in dumpsters.  It’s quick and easy, but the cost of the massive excavator and operator is high. 

    Tree Cabling & Bracing

    Photo of tree branches with support cables to prevent wind damage in Huntington Beach, CA.

    Just like the old saying about a chain only being as strong as its weakest link, the same can be said about a tree and its branches.  Most of the time, trunk branch breaks happen when stormy and windy conditions put too much stress on a weakened area of the tree.  An overgrown canopy can add to the load that the branch is supporting and just the right conditions will cause a failure.  In addition to keeping your trees trimmed so the branches aren’t under such heavy loads, you can also use cabling and bracing techniques to reinforce branches and trunks.  This helps to buttress the branches and add stability to the tree.  Bracing new saplings is also a common practice that keeps them growing properly until they can withstand nature’s elements on their own.  So if you're in the Orange County area, call Garden Grove Tree Service for questions about cabling and bracing or visit our Contact page and leave your information and we'll get back in touch with you.