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Garden Grove Tree Service for Cypress


Cypress is a largely residential community, 17 square miles big, in northwest Orange County.  It has a population of about 50,000 people.  It was originally nicknamed "Waterville" due to the preponderance of artesian wells in the area but was incorporated in 1956 under the name Dairy City.  In 1957 residents voted to change the name to Cypress.

The primary individuals living in the territory presently known as Cypress were the Gabrieleno, a Native American clan of the Tongva individuals, who were uprooted not long after the appearance of the Europeans. The legislature of Spain at that point had the land until Mexico picked up its autonomy in 1821. Mexico at that point lost Alta California to the United States during the period following the Bear Flag Revolt and the Mexican–American War.

The first Spanish wears held gigantic tracts of land all through California, which were given in lieu of pay to Spanish officers. Manuel Nieto was one of the early Spanish wears or landowners in the territory. After his passing in 1804, his children held title to Rancho Los Nietos, yet these terrains were in the end separated and appropriated among them in 1833 by an award from the Mexican senator, José Figueroa. Manuel's child, Juan José Nieto, held the title to a huge bit of his dad's unique properties in southern California that incorporated the present-day region of Cypress. That land and other Rancho properties were at last offered to the American Abel Stearns, at that point gained by the Robinson Trust, a gathering of financial specialists, which in the long run parlayed their possessions into a huge land theory business.

Cypress is home to Mitsubishi Motors North America, Real Mex Restaurants, a conglomerate with an ownership interest in 8 Mexican food chains and most notably, Los Alamitos Race Course, a horse racing venue ironically with the name of its neighboring city Los Alamitos but residing in Cypress.

Garden Grove Tree Service performs tree pruning work for residential and commercial customers in Cypress and other cities close to Garden Grove.