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Garden Grove Tree Service for Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley is a largely suburban area in Orange County with 58,000 residents.  It was incorporated in 1957.   Its storied history revolves around farming.

The bog that has bloomed into this city used to be known as Gospel Swamp, where dairy cattle nibbled and vagrant ministers set up tents on little islands.  A serious dry spell in the late 1870s turned the bog into rich farmland.  Abel Stearns, a Massachusetts financial specialist, auctions off enormous pieces of the ripe land to wheat, sugar beet, grain, and lima-bean ranchers.  By the late 1890s, the territory had a metal forger shop, a school, a general store, and a mail station. At the point when pioneer James T. Talbert built a drainage channel in 1903 that diverted the meandering Santa Ana River, land esteems bounced from $10 to $500 a section of land.  When the new century rolled over, the populace was 20,000. By 1920, there were 61,000 territory occupants, and two little towns were built.  During the 1930s enormous homesteads switched over to truck farming, mainly by Japanese-American ranchers, in the community then known as Talbert.

The 1950s carried freeways and talks to incorporate so as to not be enjoined by the cities of Santa Ana and Garden Grove.   Supporters of a free city supported a return to what they considered the town's unique name, Fountain Valley, after the old school.  In June 1957, 160 voters overwhelmingly supported incorporating and it became Orange County's 21st city. nThe original City Council was made up principally of ranchers and promised to keep the new city a farming community. Yet, in the mid-1960s, the new San Diego (I-405) Freeway cut the network into equal parts, driving up land values making development too lucrative to pass up.

Fountain Valley is home to Mile Square Park, a massive 640-acre park with 3 golf courses and many other amenities.  With typical Southern California weather, Fountain Valley is a friendly relaxed diversified community that's less than 10 miles from the coast.

Arborist services for local residents and business owners are often provided by Garden Grove Tree Service