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Garden Grove Tree Service for Hawaiian Gardens


Hawaiian Gardens is the smallest city in Los Angeles County at 1 square mile in size and with a population of 15,000.

The town's unusual name started with a 1920s lemonade stand that was adorned with palm fronds and bamboo. It was the area's fundamental milestone for a long time, and its name stuck as the area grew up around it.

In 1927, a palm-covered fruit stand was opened at the intersection of Carson and Norwalk called Hawaiian Gardens and that's how the name was conceived.  The area was a place for individuals to purchase or build a home during the Great Depression.  Many homes needed essential current conveniences.

In the late 1920s, just Norwalk Blvd was paved.  For the following 35 years, with the exception of Pioneer Boulevard, Norwalk Boulevard, and Carson, the little town would nothing but dirt roads.  At the point when the city was consolidated in 1964, the clearing of streets was started.  By 1966, all lanes south of Carson among Pioneer and Norwalk were paved.  By 1968, all the main roads were paved, and the three significant avenues of Norwalk, Pioneer, and Carson were broadened to current traffic standards.

Being one of the smallest cities in Los Angeles County, Hawaiian Gardens maintains a unique governmental structure.  Because of its small size, they outsource a lot of services.

The City of Hawaiian Gardens is a general law city and governs itself as a council-manager form of government.  The city council is elected at-large.  The city council appoints the city manager.  The council establishes policies and ordinances and the city manager, assisted by the department heads, implements them.

The city council members must be Hawaiian Gardens residents and registered voters. As specified by the Constitution of California, city elections are non-partisan.

It was incorporated in 1964 and it's best knows for the Garden Casino, where 65% of the city's revenue is generated.

Tree maintenance by Garden Grove Tree Service is available for residential and commercial customers in Hawaiian Gardens.