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Garden Grove Tree Service for Lakewood


Incorporated in 1954 in the county of Los Angeles, Lakewood is a city of 81,000 and a physical size of 10 square miles.  Bordered by Cypress, Bellflower, Cerritos, and Hawaiian Gardens and was a planned community that really started booming in the early 1950s.

Lakewood is a post-World War II arranged community. Developers Louis Boyar, Mark Taper, and Ben Weingart are credited with changing the California landscape.  Begun in late 1949, the finishing of the development plan in 1953 fostered the concept of mass-produced housing tracks, taking it from its initial stages in the '30s and '40s to the reality of the '50s.

Military veterans were able to purchase homes with no down payment and 4%, 30-year fixed mortgages. These incentives produced so much demand that building developers could build massive home tracks with a strong level of certainty that they would all sell. And they did.  Homes were built and sold at a pace of 30 per day on average. It got so hot that 107 homes once sold in a single hour.  With total costs ranging from $44 to $56, veterans were gobbling up the homes and making Lakewood their home.  The Lakewood building boom broke records and vacant fields were transformed into 17,500 houses in under three years.  A new house was finished each 7 1/2 minutes, 40 to 60 houses every day, with a record 110 finished in a day.  At one point, a new home was being completed every 7.5 minutes.  The explosive growth set the standard for suburban planned communities.

As Lakewood developed into an area in excess of 70,000 occupants, its municipal needs grew as well. By 1953 it had three options: be annexed to Long Beach, stay unincorporated and keep on using county services, or incorporate and contract out the services under. In 1954, inhabitants picked the last option and voted to incorporate it.  Lakewood was the largest community in the country to outsource municipal services.

Lakewood is an established suburban area with many homes and many mature trees.  Residents call Garden Grove Tree Service for tree cabling and bracing, tree pruning, and stump removal.