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Garden Grove Tree Services

Garden Grove Tree Service undertakes all types of tree care services such as this large tree removal in Santa Ana, California.

Garden Grove Tree Service is the number one choice for tree service care for Garden Grove and surrounding areas for all tree services.  You’ll find that we take great pride in all facets of tree care management including the obvious branch trimming, root system, surrounding soil, irrigation, and runoff, as well as the tree service management’s effect on the environment.  

Unfortunately, most people don’t know how or when to service their trees.  Many of our calls are from customers that run into a problem then realize they need a professional.  We’ve got over 30 years performing tree care service and we strive to help our customers keep their trees healthy and properly pruned.  Waiting for a small tree problem to become a large problem is definitely not the way to go about it.  Your trees are an aesthetic piece of your property’s overall landscape design as well as a shade source (and in some cases a food source) that requires periodic maintenance to remain healthy and meet its intended life expectancy.  Make sure that Garden Grove Tree Service is your choice as your tree service provider.

Garden Grove Tree Service is a full-service company experienced in all facets of proper tree service, maintenance, and removal.  You can count on us for:

We keep up on arboreal innovations in trimming, fertilization, root maintenance, watering, and general environmental impact.  We know what works and the best processes and procedures for tree trimming.  

Our number one goal is the safety of our team, you as our customer, and your building structures.   There are many dangers that accompany tree trimming and we use the most up-to-date methods to minimize risk.  All of our tree workers must wear proper safety gear like helmets, safety glasses or goggles, and work boots.  And all of our gear meets industry standards.  Garden Grove Tree Service is knowledgable about the most common dangers in the tree trimming profession and we conduct a daily safety meeting to go over them and consciously think about them every single time before we go into the field. 

Those risks are:

      • Electrocution
      • Falling from trees
      • Being struck by trees or limbs
      • Injury from tree trimming equipment or tools

Also very important is the health and beauty of your trees.  Our knowledge of proper pruning and trimming methods, as well as tree root maintenance, irrigation, and drainage, will ensure that your trees thrive.  We encourage customers to ask questions and are happy to explain any of our services.

Garden Grove Tree Service does complete tree service in Garden Grove, California and neighboring cities:

Garden Grove Tree Service Service Area Map