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Garden Grove Storm Damage Cleanup

Did a big storm just come through and do a bunch of damage and now you're in need of storm damage cleanup?  Maybe it ripped huge branches off your trees and deposited them all over your property?  Or possibly dropped massive tree sections in your driveway that are preventing you from getting to or from your house?  Oftentimes during the heavy rainy season, the soil gets so saturated with water that the tree’s root system can’t effectively support the tree and powerful winds will knock an entire tree down.  It happens.  A lot.  If this happens to you, call Garden Grove Tree Service.  We have an emergency response team that will safely clean up your mess or remove the tree entirely so that you can get back to normal.  We’ll show up with multiple men, equipment, and disposal trucks to remove those fallen trees quickly. Our team is experienced in removing the branches and fallen sections without doing any further damage to structures or vehicles.  We’ll also make an assessment of the other trees on the property to make sure that they’re 

Garden Grove home with broken tree from storm in need of storm damage cleanup.

either safe for the storm season or have their deadwood trimmed back to reduce risk as well as assess whether emergency tree removal is needed.  We'll then discuss what we see and together make a decision on the proper course of action.  In the event that the whole tree must come down, we can often cut the tree back on our emergency call so that it's safe until the inclement weather has subsided and more cost-effective tree removal processes can be undertaken.  You don't want to have to deal with a tree removal during stormy weather, so we'll just make sure that the tree is safe from doing any further damage and come back after the storm has passed to remove it.  In other instances, the damaged branches can be cut back along with any other branches that are inviting danger either by being in too close proximity to power lines or other structures or if the branches are just so overgrown that they can't withstand the stormy winds.  This will leave the tree less susceptible to the buffeting winds and the chances that its branches will be broken off.