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Stump Grinding

Garden Grove Tree Service is experienced with stump grinding and in dealing with your remaining tree stumps.  The most often recommended course for removing a stump is grinding.  Stump grinding is the grinding down of the remaining area of a felled tree that sits above grade.  Ideally, you’d want to grind down the trunk to around 6” below the finished grass or topsoil.  This 6” area allows for proper irrigation, and soil nutrients to foster the growth of the grass or top cover plants.  

The reasons to get rid of the remaining tree stump(s) are numerous.  They’re a tripping hazard, are unsightly, and prevent you from growing grass or anything else in that space.  There are however a few considerations that would dictate complete stump removal instead of grinding.  When you grind down the main tree stump 6” below grade, the existing roots growing out from the root ball, remain.  These remaining dense roots are problematic if you’re planning on growing another tree in that same location OR if you’re removing the tree for a construction add-on or new building construction reasons.  Imagine trying to dig a footing or a plumbing trunk line and running into a 6" diameter tree root, or even worse, multiple large roots.

Garden Grove Tree Service using a stump grinder to remove a remaining tree stump after the tree was removed.

Leaving the rest of the root ball and the branch roots also will be problematic if you intend to plant another tree in that same spot.  The new tree will have to compete for space, water, and nutrients, and that competition for the trunk and root space will hamper optimal growth.  In some instances, certain trees emit chemicals that will prevent another tree from even growing in the spot once occupied.  The roots of large trees can take 5 or more years to biodegrade to the point where you’d be ok to plant a tree in that same location.  If those two reasons apply, you’ll be much better off just removing the entire root system.  The only other real consideration for grinding is if there’s enough space around the tree to position the stump grinder and access to get the stump grinder to the remaining stump location.

Stump grinding is also a much faster process than stump removal and depending on the size can take as short as an hour total, cleanup included.  Again, there are factors that affect the speed like the health of the stump, type of tree, water volume, and access.  Once in position and setup, the stump grinder will grind down the remaining stump like an angry beaver and leave you with a bunch of mulch you can use in flower beds and in other parts of your yard.  If the amount is too great, the excess can be hauled away.

Stump grinding costs are dependent on the diameter of the stump, the type of tree and it’s hardness, how much of it is remaining above grade, and access to the stump’s location.  Obviously, with more stumps, the cost per stump goes down.  For a 20” stump a few inches adobe grade, prices range from $150-$350, depending on the type of tree and location.  Since there are many factors involved in determining the cost, call Garden Grove Tree Service for stump grinding, tree trimming, or other tree care services you need.