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Stump Removal

Complete stump removal is a much more challenging process than stump grinding.  The heavy equipment needed to remove a stump is bigger and more costly.  To remove stumps, a backhoe or excavator are the typical pieces of equipment used.  The first step is to use either a backhoe or an excavator as well as hand digging to dig around the base of the stump to expose the bigger roots.  The equipment operator will then grab the remaining stump and try to break it out of the ground.  Often, many of those exposed branch roots have to be severed in order to get the remaining stump out.  It’s usually a long, arduous, and labor-intensive process unless a massive sized excavator is used.  In certain instances - for the removal of multiple large stumps or lot clearing, a large excavator, even though expensive, will pay for itself because of its effectiveness and efficiency.  After the stump is removed, it will need to be cut into small enough pieces to be hauled away.  Lastly, fill dirt will need to be imported to fill the hole left from the stump.  Prices to remove a typical 20” stump run from $350-$700.

Garden Grove Tree Service using a backhoe to completely remove Stanton, California, resident's tree stump prior to construction addition.

For large open areas, the heavy equipment can be used to dig an area around the backside of the tree to the direction it's intended to be felled, and then by "pushing over" the tree the root ball, still connected, will pop up.  This would be the preferred method for removing a tree along with the roots, but there has to be a lot of room to maneuver.  Our arborists know all about the root systems of trees and can guide you on the best way to remove them or their trunks.  So whether it's just a stump or a complete tree you need removed, call us today.