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Tree Removal in Garden Grove

There are many reasons why a property owner would want to remove a tree.  Some reasons for tree removal are:

      • You don’t like the aesthetics
      • Its droppings are bothersome
      • It’s damaged and/or has branches breaking off
      • It fell over or is falling over
      • It is a hazard
      • It’s damaging your property or your neighbor's property
      • It’s dead
      • It’s infested or infected
      • It’s blocking your view, walkways, or driveways
      • You're renovating your landscape
      • Your tree is leaning
Garden Grove Tree Service worker cutting branches high in tree for tree removal.

From aesthetic reasons to hazardous ones, once the decision has been made, Garden Grove Tree Service should be your go-to choice to do that tree removal.  We work all over Orange County with an emphasis on the Garden Grove and surrounding areas.  We have a friendly and experienced team that are experts at all types of tree service.  We have all the tools and equipment needed to offer you the best value for you when you need tree removal.  Our emphasis is always focused on safety and then offering you, the customer, the best value possible.   

Types of Tree Removal:

Depending on the size of the tree(s), there are typically three methods for removing them.

  1. Cutting down in place
    • Falling in place and then sectioning
    • Sectioning it from the top-down and dropping the smaller pieces adjacent to the root base
  2. Using a crane
    • Sectioning it (larger sections) and further sectioning once on the ground
    • Smaller sectioning from the top down
  3. Excavator destruction (only up to medium-sized trees)

Cutting down in place:  If you have lots of room and can simply drop the tree safely to the ground and then cut it apart, the work can be done from the ground and it’s a lot easier and therefore cheaper.  Challenges to using this method are the height of the tree in relation to structures and also the proximity of structures.  This is best left to trees in wide-open spaces.  If there is a lot of space, the tree can be felled, and then multiple men with chainsaws can section the tree parts for hauling or grinding into mulch on-site.  

If you don’t have a lot of room or are in a semi-confined space, taking the tree down branch by branch can work before taking the trunk down in smaller chunks.  This is often the preferred method for medium-sized trees as not as much heavy equipment is needed which helps to keep the costs down.

Using a crane:  If you’re in a tight space with a large tree, maybe have power lines nearby, or are on a steep slope where you might have trouble controlling the falling pieces, a crane will be necessary.  When using a crane, we can pick the pieces to cut, lift them above anything that could be impacted by the branches falling, and set them down in the best spot to allow the ground crew to finish the job.  The crane just enables us to make as many cuts as necessary to get the tree or large parts of the tree to the ground for the ground crew.

Sometimes for very tight spots, we’ll still have to use a crane, but we have to section the tree a bit more before lifting sections out.  This is usually the case when there are two or more logistical concerns, like a close neighboring property AND overhead power lines, AND possibly even a sloping location.  

Excavator destruction:  For lot clearing and residential demo jobs, we can utilize a 40,000 lb excavator and just smash medium-sized trees to bits.  This is the best method for construction sites where a new building will be going up.  The excavator is expensive but it will do a lot of work in a very short amount of time.  Another big advantage of using an excavator is that it can dig around and pull the root ball of the tree out.  That’s a big concern if compaction of the lot and subsequent digging of footings and plumbing or electrical trenches will be happening.

If you are seeking a tree trimming estimate or need tree removal costs, give Garden Grove Tree Service a call today and speak with a friendly team member.